Every work of art is unique and may require a shipping crate if you want to transport it overseas; if it is extremely fragile; or if conventional packaging with flexible protective materials cannot be used. Whatever your art crating needs, Artys Transit has no shortage of innovative solutions!

Our custom-made shipping crates feature high-quality materials, while the interior design is carefully chosen and crafted to ensure proper support for all types of artwork. All our crates are manufactured in our workshop by our in-house team who have a proven track record in fine art packing and shipping.

Custom-made crates to fit your needs and your art

What are the advantages of using art crating?

  • Simplifies handling during loading and unloading
  • Prevents the piece from moving while in transit
  • Provides maximum protection and security for your artworks during transport
  • Compensates for temperature variations and maintains optimal preservation conditions inside the transport crate
Economical standard crates

Economical standard wooden crates are custom-made to fit the dimensions of your art. They are a safe packaging solution to help preserve the integrity of your art. Wooden crates contain polystyrene for insulation and interior design, which ensures the stability of the pieces while in transit. They can also be used to protect your artwork during long-term storage.

Museum crates

These leading-edge art packaging crates are isothermal and come with a vapour barrier to better temper the humidity level inside, a perfect solution for paintings and canvases that need to remain in optimal conditions throughout transport. They can be closed with anything from butterfly screws to bolts, and include cushioning material to ensure maximum protection.

Museum crates are also tailor-made and can be fully customized to suit your fine art packing needs: compartments, drawers, fasteners and/or supports on the inside. What’s more, they can be painted or varnished in the colour of your choice.

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