Artys Transit handles your international shipments from A to Z.

Hassle-free customs clearance

We not only transport your works of art, exhibitions, shows and set décor to Canada and the United States, but also take care of the paperwork to ensure smooth customs clearance. Our expertise lets us assist you in obtaining a business number and an importer or exporter account. We also verify that all the necessary documentation and permits are in place, and that all customs duties are paid before our trucks cross the border.

Export and import regulations for cultural property

Did you know that art exports may be subject to the Cultural Property Export and Import Act?

A cultural property export permit is needed to ship controlled cultural property from Canada. This requirement applies regardless of the reason the cultural property is being exported; whether the export is permanent or temporary; and the number of years the property has been in Canada. These regulations can be very complicated, so don’t hesitate to contact our highly knowledgeable team.