specialized road transport

Since 2009, Artys Transit has been providing a full range of museum transport and storage services tailored to the cultural, arts, entertainment and events industry both in Canada and abroad. Our rush shipping service is available 24/7.

We also offer a secure storage service in compliance with the strictest museum standards for works of art, museum collections and other fragile goods. Artys Transit stands for professionalism, expertise, courtesy and, of course, quality! Our mission is to democratize art in all its forms, one shipment at a time!

∘Serving the arts and artists
Transport of works of art

Artys Transit provides a full range of specialized services for works of art and museum collections, ranging from removal, pick-up, packing and crating to transportation, installation and secure storage at controlled temperature and relative humidity of 50%, in compliance with professional museum standards.

Storage controlled temperature

Artys Transit boasts an impeccable, secure and concealed art storage facility, designed to replicate the exact same conditions as in the vaults of the world’s greatest museums.

installation of works of art

Artys Transit’s specialized removal, packing and fine art installation services provide peace of mind, ensuring that your valuable possessions and antique collections are always handled by an extremely qualified team.

manufacturing of crates

Every work of art is unique and may require a shipping crate if you want to transport it overseas; if it is extremely fragile; or if conventional packaging with flexible protective materials cannot be used. Whatever your art crating needs, Artys Transit has no shortage of innovative solutions!

Our custom-made shipping crates feature high-quality materials, while the interior design is carefully chosen and crafted to ensure proper support for all types of artwork. All our crates are manufactured in our workshop by our in-house team who have a proven track record in fine art packing and shipping.

shuttle service

Shuttle service is a cost-effective solution for transporting your artwork, allowing you to enjoy reduced rates when you bundle your shipment with those of other clients.

Transport for events

From preparation to delivery, Artys Transit handles all your transport needs for shows, concerts and large-scale events. If you’re taking a break from touring, we also provide storage services for your equipment.

Storage for road cases

Need a break? Don't stress out over the logistics of your touring equipment because Artys Transit has got you covered!

News and useful insights from our experts

Our truck fleet is expanding!
News | 2021-11-19
By David Lavoie

A new truck that meets professional museum standards.

A new website for Artys Transit
News | 2021-11-18
By David Lavoie

All our services in one place!

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